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1959-1960 Cadillac car cover for sale


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From California Car Cover Company,  new will cost you $360. I used mine very little and will sell it for $160 plus postage. Your satisfaction guaranteed or your $160 will be returned to you.  I think it will also fit Olds 88 and 98, and the largest Buicks and Pontiacs.
Jerry Whitfield

lifetime member of AACA Museum
Winston Salem, N.Carolina

Dustop Soft As Flannel Indoor Custom Car Cover

Soft weave indoor custom car cover:

Dustop Custom Car Covers are a soft-as-flannel fabric that are an ultrasonically bonded four layer composite material designed for the best dust protection, while pampering the finish of your vehicle. Dustop soft-as-flannel fabric is made with a proprietary technology that combines the softness of polyethylene with the strength and durability of polypropylene to produce a finished product that is the best for dust protection, strong, cushiony, breathable and very soft. Tactile test panels have compared our Dustop car cover fabric with flannels and found that the softness levels are equivalent. Dustop's middle layer provides the barrier to dust that flannel does not possess and it holds out even the finest dust particles. This layer helps Dustop covers block out four times more dust than the current woven flannels. Dustop is 25% lighter in weight than flannels, so a car cover made from it is easier to handle; yet Dustop has better bulk to provide added protection against nicks and dings. Recommended for indoor use only. 4-year limited warranty. This best indoor dust car cover is available in Grey. Made in the U.S.A.


Our Superior Dust Resistant Car Cover Fabric
Ultra Soft Like Flannel
Recommended for Indoor Use
Great For Vehicles with Extended Periods of Storage
Cushioned material provides ding and scratch protection
Custom-Fit for the exact year/make/model
4 Year warranty
Made in the USA
Nothing rivals the sight of a beautiful car with a glistening paint job. A clean, shiny surface can be almost mesmerizing, and to see it tainted by dust and dirt would be a shame. Keeping such contaminants away from your auto isn't always easy, though. Even with a covering, dust particles often find their way onto a car, and they can wreak havoc on a paint job by leaving micro abrasions behind. Drape your auto in a dustop car cover to keep it clean and protected at all times. A dustop provides soft and lightweight coverage that keeps the finest paint jobs shielded from dust.

Why Does Dust Matter?
The aforementioned micro abrasions are just one reason why dust is a major threat to your car. Dust of any kind can become embedded in the top layer of your car's finish and dull its shine substantially. The aesthetics of your car are not the only part of it that can be harmed by dust. If particles find their way into your mechanical system, they are liable to clog its air filter. If the filter becomes too clogged, airflow to the engine could be reduced, thus making your engine susceptible to overheating and internal damage. Needless to say, a custom car cover is a wise investment in its long-term performance and presentation.

Other Benefits of a Dustop
What other benefits can a custom car cover offer? You may think that keeping your car indoors is sufficient protection, but even in a clean space such as a garage, it can be susceptible to damaging particles in the air. A dust car protector shields against these risks, but it can provide a number of other benefits, too. In the event that a would-be thief encounters your car, car dust covers can prove to be an effective deterrent. A custom dustop tailor-made to your auto keeps it comfortably covered and safe from many of the threats that it could encounter—even indoors.

Do NOT ask if still for sale.  I shall not reply.  When sold I shall remove the ad.  

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