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Sourcing a replacement 20 gallon gas tank for 48 Chrysler 8 cylinder

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I need to replace the gas tank in my 48 Chrysler New Yorker-- too thin/porous to patch.  

Chrysler made two size tanks; 20 gal. for 8 cylinders and 17 for 6 cylinders - I need the 20 gal.  I want to make sure I get the correct 20 gal and one of good quality (many sources list an 18 gal for the NY’er -- wrong).


Does anyone have a source recommendation for a good quality 20 gal. tank based upon their purchase?  I’ve got a short list of sources from the web, but have no way of checking them out for quality.

David in Santa Cruz

1948  chrysler new yorker tank 20 gal #2.JPG

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   When I needed a new tank for my '48 NYer, I went with Rock Valley Antique Auto Parts...




  I got the 20 gallon in stainless, it was a very nice piece and still doing it's job after 10 years.  Don't think you will see it in their catalog, but call them they have or can make just about any tank needed.  Hope this helps,



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A 16 gallon 1946-48 Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto or Chrysler six cylinder tank will bolt right in with the matching set of straps and sending unit.

Six cylinder tanks are everywhere online.

Eight cylinder Chrysler fuel tanks have always been difficult to find.

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If you have the correct old tank as a pattern, check with some of the good tinsmiths in your area to see if they could make one. I had one made for my '36 Dodge by a tinner, now defunct, and it came out perfectly. All rolled and soldered seams with galvanized steel. wasn't cheap but it was worth the money. He reused the old fittings and even installed a baffle.


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