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For Sale: 1948 Playboy A-48, VERY RARE


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1948 Playboy model A-48, one of 97 made, 55 in existence today. Search Playboy cars on the internet for more information on the company. This particular car was modified and put on a GMC Jimmy frame. Comes with all the original parts taken off the car including the suspension, motor, interior, heater, transmission, radiator, and original battery. Located in Florida, seller will assist with loading up on your shipping truck. This car needs to be restored back to original. 




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47 minutes ago, alsancle said:

What a crime.  You should offer them 3500 for parts to use on your project.  It will never go back to the way it was.


Even at ten grand, which is too much........it's probably the best option to get the car missing the doors and trunk lid back together. Even with the simple construction, making the doors and lid will easily take up ten grand in labor time if someone has the skills.......and save YEARS in the restoration process. Having all the extra parts would also be a plus. Its the rare instance where overpaying is the best way out.

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11 hours ago, 89tc said:

The last Playboy that was sold went for $132,000 at Sothebys, the selling price for this car is $10,000.


From 25 years of sitting through high end auctions,  I can guarantee that price will never bee seen again.   Once in a blue moon you will see a stupid price for something at auction and all the stars aligned.   Two multi-millionaires, booze,  their wives like a particular odd color,  and a pissing contest breaks out.   One guy loses by being the last one with his paddle up.

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Hi All, I agree, it's too bad what happened to this car. I'm selling it for the current owner. I have, however, seen cars in worse condition get restored back to stock. So although it's not impossible, it would cost alot unless all the work was done by the buyer himself. All in all, I think it should be saved. I've advised the seller to sell it whole and not for parts. I would love to have the trunk lid but if you look closely at all the cars, not only are the components of the cars different (heater, carburetor, brightwork trim, etc), but also the body panels. For example, the headlight area of this car is kind of snub-nosed, my car is more rounded in that area...


Regarding the doors, the owner has two extra doors, and they're the doors that came off of my car! 

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