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Body mounts bushings above the rear tire


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I got mine from Restoration Specialties for my 1957 Buick.  Look for their Catalog on line.  They also send out a hard copy catalog which each sale if you ask for one for your library.  You will need to remove the bolt, bushing and washers so you can assess what you need as per the dimensions of your bushing.  You may also be able to media blast your factory mount bolts as these are specially constructed factory bolts that are pointed at the tip and have the factory stamp on the hex head.  Same thing goes for the thick factory special washers.  Blast and repaint silver cad to original spec. I use just a dab of red rubber grease when reinstalling.  Pre Soak the individual bolts and frame mount area well with your favorite rusty bolt spray and let set for a few day.  Repeat, then repeat before you begin to attempt to remove the originals.  Do it this way and you greatly minimize stripping and/or detaching the frame factory welded nut set up inside the frame support box area itself.



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