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1923 Buick 6 cylinder radiator cap

Guest Larry ACD Museum

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Guest Larry ACD Museum

I volunteer at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg museum in Auburn Indiana.  The museum recently received a 1923 Buick as a donation.  We would like to get this vehicle running and use it as an education vehicle.  The vehicle does need a functioning radiator cap, doesn't have to be fancy or with temperature indicator.  Can anyone direct me to a source for this part?  Thank you

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Buick radiator top nozzles are 16 threads per inch.  

 The radiator caps come in 2 sizes

earlier + 1921-22-23 4 & 6 cyl, 1925 Std

These are 2.02" across in the cap


1924 6 cyl, 1925 Master, 1926-27-28 6 cyl   These are 2.312" across inside the cap.  


These are a little hard to measure if the motometer base is sticking thru, but you should be able to measure it with a dial or digital micrometer.  


There are some new US made 2" dogbone radiator caps, but they are the wrong thread pitch.  




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