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For Sale: 1929 Hupmobile coupe - Craigslist GA

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With all new  wood  and  a complete  restoration this is  what  this car  can look like. The  car I  am posting  is  a Sport coupe model. It has a  few  different  features. Disc wheels, landau irons and  added chrome. It  had  a complete body  off  restoration. Every time  I  showed  this  car  for  my  good  friend, I  brought  him  home  a trophy.  



IMG_0585 (1).JPG

IMG_0587 (1).JPG

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It  also drives  as  good  as it  looks,  we  had  a little  magic called an  over drive. 60 mph.  was  easily attained and  great 4  wheel brakes. Before my  friend gifted me  the  Pierce  Arrow, he  said  you  can  have  any  of the  cars I  own except  the  Ford  A  coupe. I  have  already given it  to  another  friend. I  though about  the  Hupp, but he  wanted me  to  take  car of the  Pierce. I  have  sold  2  old  cars  and  am  working on  a 1928  Hupmobile  duall  side mount  sedan getting  ready  to  sell. This  allows me  to keep  the  Pierce for  a while longer.

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