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I think someone tried to scam me?

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I recently mentioned on a thread that I am finishing a 50 year long restoration and there is one small part that I need.  A few days ago I got a private message from someone registered on forum, he said he had a friend that most likely has the part I need and here is his private email. I sent the friend the part number  along with some chit chat, his response came the next day $75 includes shipping and to send him the money pay pal friends and family to save me money. I sent email and asked for a proper description and a picture of part and he did not answer any of my questions instead he said take a screen shot of PayPal payment and he would take a picture of shipping receipt then send the part.  I decided that that sounds suspect, so I went back to the pm and clicked on the member that reached out to me and guess what he joined hours before he “helped me” gosh we need more helpful members like that, I should have looked him up first to see that he had 0 next to his name.  I do not want to publicly say the new member name  without discussing it with the forum moderators.  I lost no money , but gained knowledge, just want to bring this experience out to others to keep our hobby free of criminal behavior .

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