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1926 Chrysler 70


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Hi my name is Sarah. I recently bought with my dad's help a 1926 chrysler 70. I have always been interested in pre war cars and was wondering if someone can help answer some questions I have. I need some parts suppliers for these cars such as the car needs a fly wheel/ ring gear. Also I am looking for a complete wire harness. The body work is done. I just need information on the mechanical and interior. Any information that will help get me started would be much appreciated. 

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Hello Sarah, welcome to the forum. I assume the car you bought is the sedan with Maroon body and black fenders, that was on ebay . The car has had a lot done to it and deserves to be finished off and enjoyed. The sad part about it, is the motor has to be removed and the crank shaft taken out , in order to remove the flywheel. The car was discussed on this forum in January, look up this  previous discussion, 

did you have to remove crank to removeflywheel? I don't think my 26Chrysler Six has a ring gear. it appears teeth are machined in toflywheel.

You can try finding a ring gear and have a machine shop fit it for you, the other alternative is to get another flywheel. If you decide to go this route, then you will need to talk to a machine shop about fitting this flywheel to your crankshaft and have them balance it for you. 

 Fixing the flywheel is not a small job and the reason the previous owner decided to sell the car, please don't be put off by the work involved, find people in your area that work on old cars and lean on them for help and advice. If you show a serious commitment to finishing off your car, you will be surprised at the help you will recieve. Wish I was closer. Good luck and best wishes from zimbabwe


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