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Model T tire pump

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I bought a model T tire pump today.  It has the patent number 1191510 on it but no date such as Dec 14,1916.  It has the number 1 on the handle.  It is in great working order.  Trying to find out if this is an earlier model or newer model since no date is on the pump itself

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Is their a manufacturers name on it?  Ford script on the step plate?  Pumps were not dated, but early pumps were two cylinder and made by Bridgeport.   Detailed photos are always best when asking for info about things like this.



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Let’s see, there’s a Nickel plated brass tube Bridgeport with a small Ford script on the bottom of the foot pad (which was checkered on top) that seems to be after the two tube style and before the next version which is a brass tube style with two Ford scripts on top of the foot pad, then a steel tube with two Ford scripts on top, then one that was so late in T production it’s considered a Model A pump which has one Ford script on top and either a T part number on the bottom or an A part number...

As far as dating any of these, GOOD LUCK because even the “experts“ disagree on the years and all of them were supplied under the same part number... oh, and even the patent number is fairly useless as far as when it would be supplied as all its good for is when some parts of it were patented.

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