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1930 Buick 60 series inner tubes. Need help.

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I need to change out some inner tubes on my Model 30-61 and am having some issues. The car uses 19" Artillery Wheels. Some of the existing tubes have 90' stems, which is very helpful, and some are straight. I bought an appropriate tube from Coker with a bent brass stem. I discovered that the stem could not navigate the opening in the rim, due to bending at the 3/8" point, whereas the hole is 3/4" deep. The only alternative tube seems to be a 3 1/2" straight stem, which I fear may be a little too long.

Does anyone have experience with changing out these tubes? What do you recommend I look for?

I took a closer look at the bent stems on my wheels and it appears that they were modified by brazing a bent stem onto a straight stem. Creative, but I'm not interested in that.

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Thanks, Bill. I just put that tube you mentioned in one of my tires and it seems to work, although the end of the stem is right up at the wood spokes. Not bent. Doable, but not ideal. I figure it will be another 20 years before I really need to worry about it at the rate I am going with my restoration. That will put me at 86, so questionable. For now, it is just to roll it in and out of my garage.


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I have been looking at Universal's site and I see nothing like that. The only bent stem they seem to offer is the TR-440 unit, which is way too shallow to make it through the rim. Either they stopped making these things or it was custom made. By the way, the tube you mentioned in the previous post is a straight rubber stem.



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