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Seen at a Home Depot parking lot - 1961 Imperial

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When I came out of the store, I somehow did not immediately see this thing.  As I navigated my way out of the parking lot, I glanced back toward the store and it was sitting not far from the store entrance.  I immediately swung back toward the store to get a photo from the rear.  The lot wasn't crowded, but when I stopped to take a picture, I found myself blocking someone needing out of a space.  So, I pulled around to get a photo from the front.  Afterwards, I made a U-turn and approached the rear of the car.  By this time, there was a guy that had walked up to the car and was gawking at it.


I pulled up with my passenger window down.  This guy turns around and says "What IS this thing"?  It's a Chrysler Imperial.  "That's a Chrysler Imperial"?  Yes.  "GAWD-amighty!  Look at how the chrome angles across the top."  Yeah, it's a real beast.  "I bet this thing rides like a Cadillac".  It probably rides better than a Cadillac.  In fact, Cadillac was its main competition back in the day.  I think it's got the headlights that are free-standing on the front bumper.


He walked to the front of the car to see the headlights.  "GAWD-amighty!  They do!  They stick right out of the bumper!"


He moved so I could take the photo.  He was still gawking at it when I pulled away.

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Well, technically speaking, headlight assemblies are mounted on the front fenders, not the bumper.


This era Imperials are great cars, I’ve owned several, restored or worked on many and driven thousands of miles with them, but I like Chryslers, especially New Yorkers of the same era even more.

I had a ‘57 N.Y. Conv. for 20 years (1988-2008) and racked up over 70K miles on her.
Fortunately, still have another one. 

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9 hours ago, Roger Walling said:

 I always park way off in the end of a parking lot.

 I also take up 2 or even 4 spaces where no one else parks.

 Although once my plot failed, someone parked right next to me! 


I sometimes do the same, and as far from other cars as possible,

and at times some other car is still right up there too close for comfort.

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