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Hey....that’s my old car for sale!!

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Perhaps this occurs more than I realize but recently a Model A 400-a popped up for sale on several internet sites. Pictures confirmed that it was one of my former A’s that I sold in 2002. Since my ownership the car has been repainted and motor rebuilt, it looks great. Surprisingly the asking price is not much more than what I sold it for in 2002. I actually sold it through this forum (buy/sell).

Anyone have an interesting story to tell along these lines?


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A few years ago a friend in the antique Studebaker club contacted me after he got an email response to his parts wanted ad which included a picture of my 1929 Studebaker President Brougham.   The email stated the car was being parted out and to send a list of what parts he needed.  The email was forwarded to me with the question of when did I sell my President and did I know it was now being parted out?   I had to break the news to my friend that I still owned the President and he was being scammed.   I was a little disappointed that someone thought my car looked bad enough to use in a scam about parting out a collector car.  Here is the picture of my President that was used in the scam.   


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I owned a 1961 Impala 4-door sedan from 2009 to 2014.  I sold it when I bought a 1965 Impala (which I sold in 2018 to buy my 1962 Skylark).  Since 2014, I spotted the 1961 Impala on the local Craigslist a couple of times.  This past spring, I noticed it was for sale again, advertised on Craigslist.  It had 1965 Impala SS wheel covers and the original 283 had been replaced with a crate 350.  It also had different tires on it.  Other than that, it looked the same as when I owned it.


The same day that I spotted the for sale ad, a local car club friend called me on another subject.  During our conversation he mentioned he was looking for a 1961 Impala.  I mentioned that I'd seen my former '61 for sale locally.  He said he'd seen one in person and began describing it to me.  I quickly stopped him and said that I used to own that car.  He said he was trying to contact the seller to test drive the car.  Also, he asked me a ton of questions about the car.  I gave him as much information as I could remember.


Either later that day, or the next day, he called me back and said he'd bought the car.  He asked a lot more questions about it and I answered as best I could.  I congratulated him and said I looked forward to seeing the car again.  We've spoken a few times since then and he keeps telling me how much he enjoys the car and why did I sell it.  I reminded him that I had to make room for the 1965 Impala.  


The pandemic caused cancellation of our local car club meetings so I didn't get a chance to see the car.  A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my garage and found some leftover 1961 Chevy parts that I forgot I had.  I called my friend and said he could have the parts.  When he came by a couple of weeks ago to pick up the parts, he drove my former 1961 Impala.  


It was fun to see the car again.  It brought back memories of what work I'd had done it and allowed me to clarify that for my friend.  I had little sentimental attachment to it.  I've bought and sold a few collector cars over the years, so I don't get too attached to them.  For me, half the fun is buying and selling them.  I enjoyed the Impala while I owned it.  It was a nice driver and attracted a fair amount of attention.


I'm happy that my friend is enjoying his ownership of the Impala.  He's improving it as he goes along while using it as his daily driver.


I sold two cars to buyers who lived within a mile of me.  One was a 1970 Chevelle that I'd see in front of the new owner's house occasionally.  The other was a 1986 Caprice.  I also saw that car in the new owner's driveway.  I also spotted it on Craigslist when he put it up for sale.  I saw it for sale again recently, but haven't seen it in person for a while.

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I sold a pretty nice 66 Satellite four speed convertible several years ago when the Mecham Auction came thru Portland.

I made a good profit but I really liked the car.

It showed up on eBay for a couple of years at almost double what I got for it.  I made several offers but never enough to win it.

It was a dealer in the SF Bay area.

It must have sold as I haven't seen it listed for several months now.






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I had a Willys FC170 for many years and while I still owned it a picture I had posted of it showed up in an eBay auction. I sent a note to the fellow and told him to please use his own pictures to sell his FC170. First he said it wasn't my FC. I told him besides being the same color, sitting on my son's trailer connected to my F250 in front of my barn, he was right I couldn't be sure. Then he said his looked just like mine and he didn't want to get it out of his building to take a picture. I turned it over to eBay to figure out.

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It had surprised me I'd never seen one of mine out and about, but earlier this year it happened: about 12 -15 years ago I rescued a '74 IH pickup that was destined to become scrap metal, a plain-jane 6cyl/3 spd. I was able to get it fixed up into a very nice driver that I really enjoyed but eventually had a surplus of vehicles. I sold it via Craigslist to a car guy about 90 minutes away. Recently it was back for sale at quite a bit more than I profited ( really not a concern for me.) It had been customized a bit but I was pleasantly surprised to see the AMC 258 still under the hood along with the angle iron brackets I made in order to install a Jeep radiator in place of the obsolete IH original. They also painted the roof white which isn't a bad touch.


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Few years ago was contacted by a guy who was restoring my aulden SCCA Corvette. Paid a grand in 1970 to go racing and was told it sold recently following a resto for a quarter-mil. Had been a racer from day 1, Split window, FI, tanker, odd brakes with fans. Flew at Grattan, MI.




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