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3 hours ago, somarkradad said:

Hello all

looking for parts vendors that would carry parts for a 1934 6cyl. Touring car. The car is in S Jersey any help would be great thanks will post pics next weekend have to pull out the radiator 

A 1934 Buick would have a straight 8 engine.

Got any photos of the car-engine?


In NJ--->http://www.oldbuickparts.com/


Look here  https://forums.aaca.org/topic/272878-pre-war-links/


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I would say that getting the radiator re-cored should not be that big of a deal for the year of your car.


A good old time radiator shop should be able to buy a new core and reuse your old tanks.  That said, the core may not be the same design as your original, but you can get a radiator.   


The last radiator that needed for my '13 Buick, I had to buy a standard core and make the radiator myself which included the cut top corners, and the live crank box, etc.  I did have my local radiator shop do the soldering and switching the tanks.  Quite a project.

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8 hours ago, somarkradad said:

Thanks Larry for your reply have you been able to find any decent shop manuals or restoration guides stuff like something that would show the correct hose clamps that they would have used in the day


No I have not looked for the "correct" hose clamps.  I am more interested in being able to drive the cars & trucks that I own. I can look around and see if I have anything that show what clamps were used but I do not remember seeing anything on that, plus all I have are pre 1920 vehicles.

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