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1950 Buick Special trunk pans

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Hello all, new to the forum. I recently purchased a 50 special sedanette. It needs all new floors including the trunk. I can't find trunk pans for my car. Would I be able to use the pans out of any other GM sedanette of this model year? It seems the actual tub would be the same as all the other GM family sedanettes of that year, with the only difference for these cars being hoods, fenders, bumpers and quarter panels? Thanks in advance! Pic for attention, and because she's so attractive! 


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Sorry,  I missed the fact you were looking for a trunk pan.   What I had to do on mine is have a fabricator make it.  

Assuming you have something left for a pattern, find somebody who does sheet metal work for furnaces etc. 

They normally can make this type of item.


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