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1914/15...ish Fiat project spotted at Hershey in 2019 - any leads please?


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At the Hershey Fall Meet in 2019 I spotted the Fiat below. I have never been able to get it out of my head. Does anyone know this car, who offered it for sale or even the number of this spot? I think the guys who had the spot had brought it along to help a widow get rid of it.


Any hints or tips will be greatly appreciated!





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I think that was in the spots that were covered with the most brass era to 1920's wheels, the fellow is from Massachusetts, has a metal fabrication business. I sold him a Model T chassis and delivered it 15 years ago or so, nice guy. He bought out a wheel collection in the Midwest years ago, always has some great things for sale, he is in the brass section of the Red Field, Irish last name. That is enough hints for someone to ID him. Bob 

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