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I own a 1923 Dort Harvard. Doctor Ajfred S. Lewerenz of the "Horseless Carriage Club of America" said it is the last 1923 Dort Harvard Sedan left. My problem is it needs paint. I can't find any information on paint colors for this car. I want to keep it original. If one of your expert historians could help me with some information I would so grateful. Thank You for your time. Have a Merry CHRISTmas. Dwayne Williams

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The Dort is not a full classic, as defined by our club, so we aren't going to be experts in Dorts. I would think they used either lacquer or enamel, as would most other cars of that era. as far as what colors the Dort came in, I would have no clue having never heard of one myself. Early cars like this one usually came in dark colors, black being the most common. It wasnt until the late 20's that more flamboyant color schemes became popular. Hopefully there is a Dort Club or register, where you could find someone with correct information.

Since you posted a picture of your car on a previous post, and if I remember correctly you beleive it to be original, if you want to repaint it, you could just go with the same color. Most auto paint stores will match a color.

One benefit to having such a rare car is that few people will be able to tell you the color isnt correct no matter what color you choose. Do stay away from heavy metallics or 2 stage paint jobs as those are not appropriate to the period the car was manufactured. I think the first use of metallic paint was 1927 or later, and that would have been a slight metallic not a heavy one.

good luck and happy holidays

Shawn Miller

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Hello Dwayne, sorry you didn't get a reply sooner. It is likely your car's body was painted a dark maroon, green, or blue, with black fenders and belt moldings. The black was enamel paint, easily duplicated today, and the body was probably varnished, like a carriage, as sprayable lacquer was not yet available. I suggest you contact a literature dealer or Dort club to get a sales brochure, which in those days were often very detailed about finishes and such. Your car model probably had only one or two color choices and you may learn all you need to know. Best wishes, Todd Crews, Decatur IL

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