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fasteners used for reserve vacuum tank

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After a long wait, my power brake booster has arrived.  I also obtained a reserve vacuum tank.


The tank is fastened to the driver's side front fender, inside the engine compartment, under the hood hinge.


There are three pre-drilled holes in the fender, which line up with three holes in brackets attached to the tank.


What type of fasteners (and size and length, if known) were used to attach the tank's brackets to the fender?


Based on other parts attached to the fender, I am guessing a hex head sheet metal screw, driven from the engine compartment side, through the bracket hole, and through the fender.


Or was a bolt, washers, lock washer, and nut used?







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These are actually large-ish self-tapping bolts, as evidenced by the coarse screw thread in the brackets on the tank. AMK Products sells many of the OEM-style fasteners in bulk and in kits, but is primarily focused on the popular big-three models.





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