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1928 Chrysler Model 72 Roadster Rumble Seat Lock Variations???


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These photos represent two 1928 Chrysler Model 72 roadsters with the rumble seat lock residing in two different locations.  Notice the blue car has a T-handle on the rumble seat lid with the locking bolt protruding and the receiver on the door in front of the rumble seat.  The other has the lock on the door in front of the rumble seat with the locking bolt protruding for the receiver on the rumble lid.  Also, there is no T-handle on the tan car instead there is a U shaped handle. I've seen this variation on several restored cars.  Does anyone know why these two variations exist?

1928 Rumble Seat.jpg

Chrysler No T.jpg

door rumble.jpg

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The small door is unlocked with the handle underneath.

The large door is unlocked with a removable handle. It should have a U shaped handle to pull the door open.

The locking bolt protrudes from the large door into the small door.

The small door has two lock bolts which engage with the sides of the car.

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