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Edelbrock 1406 jet/rod tune for 460

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I am finishing my custom engine install with a 460 into my 78 tbird,  I had the 1406 jetted and such for the 351m and I wanted to see what I should do for rods and jets now to have it tuned for my 460, also I live in Denver so altitude is needed to be heavily kept in mind for this.  I appreciate any advice!

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You shouldn't have to change the jets/rods as a result of the engine size itself, but if you've moved to Denver recently you might.  The 1406 is quite lean out of the box, so you may want to give it a try as is - it might be perfect for your altitude.  Remember that reading the plugs with modern ethanol unleaded fuel is difficult.  The plugs will look normal over a wide range of air-fuel ratios.  I use a temporary AFR gauge and oxygen sensor to initially tune my cars, but after a while, you start to understand where you're at by feel.  Good luck!


I've attached the Edelbrock tuning guide above.  Usually, you want to go one step at a time.

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