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37S2de. Can you contact me.

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Hi 37S2de,


I am interested in contacting you about some 37 Studebaker headlight parts.  Can you message me or share a good contact email?  Or just your name and I can look you up in the Stude roster.  Thank you.  My cell number is Seven One Seven 587 THree six seven three.  Thanks.  

Nate Kapp

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Hi. I guess I don’t check this forum as often as I should. I just now saw your post.


I don’t have many ‘37 headlight parts left. I know that I have a pair of reflectors that need to be re-silvered and I have some of the “arrowhead” guide clips and springs and some of the flat stops. I don’t have any sockets or lenses or spring seats. I also have the front license plate bracket.









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