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37 grill color


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This is my '37 MC tourer, its a bit of an unusual combination. Truck chassis but a 4 door sedan tourer body. The body colour is a very deep blue/purple but looks black.


I prefer the contrasting colours than all one colour. Horizontal slats are painted silver, surrounds and vertical are chrome.



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Thank you. I like the contrast too. I'm leaning toward silver. I recently acquired a quart of DUPONT chrome aluminum alkyd enamel probably made in the 70s and no longer available. I think it would be perfect.   

Could you post a full view of your Tourer? Where they only available outside the US?    


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Hi John:


I did a fair amount of research on grill color. What I discovered was that the grills were either painted body color or argent silver. My truck had the grills painted body color, but when I restored it, I used the silver as I thought the contrast looked better. Did speak to a friend in MI who has his grandfathers '36 and he confirmed that silver was an option of the grills (his was painted that way).


Also, you will see these various options in the original parts listings. I sold my version of that book otherwise I would send you a copy of the page on body parts/grills.


Good luck,


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