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end of club meetings for now

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Tomorrow we'll be visiting the local Veterans Assoc.

Toys For Tots Car Show @ the local Chevrolet Dealership

in Franklin NC.   A Beautiful sunny fall day with about 100

cars of all sorts.  There will be hot dogs, BBQ, soft drinks and an auction of donated mechandise and services from local businesses.  The registration for admission is a donated toy from each attendee.  All to benefit the local Toys For Tots drive.  It should be a perfect sunny mountain day of about 71 or 72 degrees.  I'll take a lawn chair, a fresh mask, and the old car closest to the door in my barn/shop.   I'll sit outside in a social distancing circle of car guys and talk about old cars.   If there is a large crowd of maskless fools,  I'll get in my car a go for another ride in the countryside.   Our Covid-19 infectiom rate is very low here, but we recently had a influx of Leaf Peepers from all over the country, and who knows what they left behind.

They had 87 cars and about 50% masks.  Heard a new one,  "We're Republicans, we don't wear masks".

Can't argue with stupid.

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2 hours ago, TerryB said:

Zoom is your new meeting friend.  Easy to use and works on computers, tablets and phones.  I have daily meetings on Zoom most every day.


Well, then, you're set.




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We have not had an official chapter meeting since February. We have had several outdoor socially distanced activities. Our email communications and newsletter have kept members informed of the reduced number of events that have occurred. We have not seen the need for online meetings since we can communicate the same information by email and the newsletter.

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The local Long Island Buick Club Chapter of BCA has had outdoor meetings when the weather is acceptable and has a great system of club members that regularly put out communication to members and interesting things for them to look at if they choose to "keep in touch" . The most caring regional club I have ever belonged to since I got involved with old car clubs in 1963 ( AACA and Plymouth Club when it was a 4 cylinder owners club only) . There are still old car clubs out there ( thankfully) that seem to be the way they were 50+ years ago, when few people cared about awards ( because their cars weren't perfect enough to earn one and they really didn't care - just wanted to use them because they were fun ) . Many of us still enjoy the cars because they are history in motion and after decades can still function the way they were when new, and just make us feel good.

A number of years ago there was a favorite saying " take a kid to a car show". I still believe in that - heck take anyone to a car show or even just for a ride ! Old cars usually make most all people smile when they see one, it is that sharing of what we are fortunate enough to own that means the most to many of us.


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