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I'll add another vote for Victor Machinery Exchange as a supplier.  Good quality products at fair prices.  Good for taps, dies, milling machine cutters, micrometers, measuring gauges, drill bits, lathe bits, reamers, and various other tools.

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Taps and die came in today.Prices for them were very reasonable. Shipping was not as reasonable. That said, I got the impossible........took longer than I thought. I think they may have ordered in some stuff 2end day air. The die looks like it was packaged in the 60’s, and is marked made in India.......makes sense. The small tap was hand made......and hand engraved. I’m assuming they hardened it after it was made. All in all, I’m a happy guy to solve all my nut and bolt problems for a couple hundred bucks. Could have been much worse. Notice the antique thread guage from 1910. I bought it on eBay. Today’s Snap On kits can’t help with pre WWI USS threads.




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