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1940 Lincoln Zephyr Continental Exhaust System

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Stainless or not stainless ?


Who has the best reproduction and why is it the best ?


And how well did it install ?


Sidenote: Please refrain from comment if you have not purchased and had installed - I am very well aware there are options out there (I am just tired of the poor options). 

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I know that this is not what you want to hear, but I wanted to put in my 2-cents.


I have had an aluminized set of pipes on my 40 Merc since 2005 and do not have any signs of rust. The stainless should last the rest of your life, but cost way more. Its your choice. The powder coated headers have shown some signs of rust. Next time I have them off I will go for the ceramic coating.


As far as pre-formed pipes, it is a mixed bag. No matter which vendor you choose, you have the same chance of having to have the pipes adjusted by re-bending them. Some people report no problems with bolting on the pipes fresh from the supplier while others have to have complete pipes made. I would look up a shop where they do a lot of Hot Rod work, and have them fabricate and install the pipes. Hot Rod guys are usually picky about the fit and sound of the exhaust system.

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