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Torque Tube Eliminator Kit

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I already converted my 56 model 48 to an open driveline. Evidently the shop that I had do the trailing arm set up didn't do a very good job (I broke a weld for the third time). I have now purchased a Torque Tube Eliminator Kit. Does anyone have experience with installing this kit so that I can ask a technical question now and then about its installation. I already called Russ Martin and he told me he never installed the kit but just sold them, and not only that but, he was really a middle man for the shop that actually came up with the Torque Tube Eliminator Kit. I also called the shop that sells the kit and they said they have installed the kit but, on an older Buick not a 56. Any technical help would be greatly appreciated, I just want the car to be safe when I put the pedal to the floor.

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