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What Paint is this

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Hi everyone and thanks in advance for any help and sorry about the poor heading but I was not sure what else to write. 
Anyway earlier this year I was lucky enough to buy this 1926 Chev, it’s no show piece but just a nice old driver and a lot of fun for the money spent. The car was restored back in the mid to late 60’s. The paint is still presentable but has a few issues and I will probably need to do a little touch up at some stage and would like to know what type of paint may have been used. But here is the funny thing when I wash it the dark blue changes/gets all weird It goes blotchy/lighter any where the water beads and sits. I chamois it of and when it is completely dry the blotches disappear all except for a few water marks which can be easily removed with a soft cloth. The black gaurd/fenders don’t have this issue nor does the green body panels. I have never had this type of issue on any other cars and just wondering what people’s thoughts are. Thanks again. Cheers ben


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I suspect it's lacquer. Paint was evolving bigtime in here but Basically they were lacquer. GM had one called Duco that came out about then. A fast drying type. Old laquers were basically varnishes. Could take a month to paint a car by the time you sanded it and let each coat dry.  Lacquers dry by solvent evaporation only, not by a chemical reaction as in enamel. 

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