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Power seat options on a 65-66 Electra convertible?

Guest Parm

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I've checked the '65-'66 Buick brochures and they're very vague about the power seat options that were standard and optional for the Electra convertible.

On convertibles, I believe the notch-back bench (basically a bench with a pull-down center arm rest) was standard equipment with the Strato bucket seats being available as optional equipment - at least this is what the brochure implies.

My question is specific to the notch-back bench. What power movement was standard (ie., 4-way?) and was 6-way power available as an option?

I'm assuming that 4-way implies fore-aft and up-down movement. The 6-way would add movement to the rake angle (probably by raising and lowering the front edge of the seat).

If 6-way movement was available on the notch-back bench in a convertible, how easy would it be to convert a 4-way power notch-back bench to 6-way? (assuming you could find the parts)

Hope to get lots of replies.

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Hi Parm!!!

My car is fully loaded, a/c,cruise,powervents,windows,tilt,corneringlights and has also a 425 engine in it...

The only thing that disturb me is that the powerseat only is a 2-ways...

I am also interested of changing it to a 6-ways...

Does anyone out there know if the extra cables needed was installed when the car was new or if i need to look for cables as well as a new powerswitch???

I am aware that i also need to change the lower parts of the seat and i assume that i may need an extra electrical motor too...

Someone have a clue???



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Hi guys-I have a '66 225 4dr hdtp. It has the 6 way. I believe that to go this route, you will need all the 6 way parts-not just a simple add cables to a 2 way. It's a nice setup with the tilt function-easy to find a comfortable position-I picked up another setup that I will be installing on my manual seat '67 cat-good luck-Dan Mpls. Mn

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I'm just wondering if 6-way power was even available on the notch-back bench in the convertible. Hope someone out there in the know can shed some light on this. Inquiring minds need to know. grin.gif

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I'll assume that the Electra was equipped similarly to a Ninety Eight. If so, the convertible had 2-way (fore-and-aft adjustment only) power bench seat as standard equipment. The no-cost power bucket seat option would also have been 2-way. Optional equipment would have been either 4-way or 6-way power bench seat or 4-way power bucket.

The Strato-Bench seat was first available in 1966 on the higher-line junior GM cars- Caprice, Bonneville Brougham/Grand Prix, Toronado/Starfire/98, Electra/Riviera/Wildcat. Cadillac did not use it to my knowledge and it is not mentioned for Cadillac in the 66 Fisher Body manual.

To convert a 2-way seat or non-power seat to 4 or 6-way you will need the seat motor, transmission, drive cables and tracks from a 4 or 6-way seat. Since Electra and Ninety Eight usually had the power seat controls on the armrest, you will also need the switch and associated wiring.

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Good information. I know of a '66 Electra convertible with the notch-back bench that has 4-way power. Do you know if 6-way power was available with the notch-back bench seat?

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Parm, I have the Buick Motor Division Dealer Price Sheet for the 1965 models. For the Electra 225 convertible -- model #48467 -- here are the power seat options:

Q5 Power Seat - Four Way Tilt Adjuster List Price $40.00

Q4 Power Seat - Six Way (Bench Only) List Price $64.00

Bucket seats were available on the Electra 225 convertible for $75.00. The Q5 option was available with either the notchback bench seat or the bucket seats.

The Q4 option, in contrast, was available only on the notchback bench seat.

Hope this helps!

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You don't by chance have the option price list for your 59 do you? If so, I'd like to get a copy or get the prices for the options on my Invicta 2dr hardtop.

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