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Any brand vintage V8 valve covers

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Well, I started a new "hobby" collecting and restoring valve covers, which I needed to do because the 5 other things I've got taking up all my time and money weren't enough :rolleyes:...anyway, so I'm on the lookout for any brand's V8 valve covers. Singles are alright, don't need to be sets. They don't need to be mint, small dings are ok, because they're just going to be wall hangers so I'll be doing some body filler on them anyway. The more interesting the better, and aftermarket or stock is great, but only after vintage parts. Not after things like Chinese chrome SBC covers. The ones I already have are: '63 Nailheads, 2 versions of "Power by Ford" 385 series, "Power by Ford" FE series, a couple versions of SBC and BBC, and I just picked up a factory set off a Chevy 409. PM me if you've got anything I might be interested in, really, really looking for the different versions Oldsmobile Rockets and a finned factory aluminum Thunderbird. Thanks!


valve covers.jpg

valve covers1.jpg

valve covers2.jpg

valve covers3.jpg

valve covers4.jpg

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