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Divco Model G 1929


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Does anyone know of a video of one of these standup Divco's being driven?  I recall speaking to the owner of this 1929 Model G at Hershey in the 90's

It had dual controls so the driver could drive from either side.

Tiller steering and I think he said the throttle was on top of the gear shift.

I emailed the latest owner but did not get a responce.


Divco1 (2).jpg


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Divco trucks were a common sight in this country for years........for some reason, they tended to be used as a house for hogs after they were no longer in use. Local farms in Western Mass had bunches of them, still sitting out in the fields and back of barns into the 80’s. I can think of a dozen places that had them, including my brother in laws farm until about 2005. We raised several batches of pigs in his into the 90’s and never thought much of it. Then again, the Ford Jubilee and the Farm-all tractor were both ten to twenty years older than I am, and were used for cutting hay, pumping water, and splitting wood. While any particular model of truck may be less common, I wouldn’t call them rare..........Restored examples may not be as common as a 57 Chevy, but if you go to truck shows they are usually there.


For delivering milk, a truck was a step backward compared to a horse. Horses learned the route, and could be controlled with hand signals and both voice and whistle. The truck added to the work load of the milk man compared to a horse.

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