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Can You Tell if This Dodge Brothers Sign Looks Like a Reproduction?

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Also be careful about discussing the maker’s marks, originally the India Ford signs didn’t have any part number on it which was a dead giveaway, then there was a large discussion about the signage on eBay on a Ford forum, and now that number has been added.


I might be sounding like another nutty conspiracy theorist, but I believe there was a connection there...


Another thing to be weary of is the lack of grommets at the mounting holes and “chipping” that appears to be made with a disc grinder and some salt & vinegar added rust. I can’t understand why they cropped the top of the pyramid off though??





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I've seen those Dodge signs before. To me, another clue is the enameling itself.  For originals, the white is the background and the first applied/fired color.  The blue is laid on top and there is a noticeable difference in the layers of the coloring that can be seen and felt.  The repops seem to have a blue background with white lettering laid on top.  Originals are on heavy iron while the newer repops are on lighter sheet metal.  Hard to feel them on evilbay but watch out, especially those from India.  A lot of listings use the same pictures over and over, while delivering other items (when they actually get delivered). 


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