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Oh No!!! Metal Fatigue


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My column shifter broke! After spending the better part of the day dissecting it (trying to get those stupid pivot bolts out!) I found that the inner attachment for the gear selector broke off. It is attached to the lower housing and it happens to be made of pot metal frown.giffrown.giffrown.gif . So I guess I will be spending Christmas eve at the junkyard. They quoted me $125 for a whole column. Then I need to paint it mad.gif Anyways, I just needed to lament, thanks for lending an ear.

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I see you live in Camarillo. I was at the junkyard (Oldies but Goodies) in Santa Paula on Monday. They still have the '72 riv sitting there. Wasn't looking for it, but can't imagine the shifter is a common item to take. Unfortunately I went to take a few more things from the '68 riv but they recently crushed it.

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