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Look at Buick Factory history piece that I bought this week

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3 hours ago, Fr. Buick said:

Can you but an air line yo it and let'r blow?


No, because the whistle is in the Sloan Museum.  The brass plate on the bottom of the frame is from the boiler that provided the steam to power the whistle. The brass tag between the the two AVO's is a tool maker tag from #10 tool room, skill trade journeyman 433.

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Well, the documents now reside with the Sloan Museum.  My wife and I donated it to the museum last week. 


I expect that it will be displayed next to the whistle when the expansion construction is completed in about 1.5 years. 


We are glad that the two items will reside together.

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Why cant you blow it? Looks like an Interurban (streetcar) whistle to me, which would be an air whistle.  I have several and they blow easily on 50 psi or more.  Steam, from a Steam engine probably takes over 125 to 150 psi .   I have mine piped from my air compressor with a valve and blow it to release the air when i shut down the compressor.  Finding the right kind of valve is not easy, but you could fashion another valve.


The grandkids love it when I blow it. It would be a fun event at the museum once a month, or once a year, or every day when the museum closes!

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