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Peugeot Quadrilette

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I thought I'd start a topic about the Peugeot Quadrilette, a economy car introduced by Peugeot in 1921. The first model was the "161" which, in 1921, was crank start with acetylene headlamps. In 1922, they switched to electric starter and headlights. I'm currently working on a model 161. Here is an interesting photograph of a Quadrilette 172. My guess: a salesman calling at an export house in Paris. The signs are, I think, American department stores. The sign on the little trailer says "Manufacturer of Leather Goods, Italian and French."








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I have a 1923 Quadrilette in Australia. It is interesting most of the body types I see on the net, including these 2, have what I call a boat tail. I am under the impression the literal translation for the French name for this style is 'duck's bum'. What you see when a duck is upside down in the water feeding. My car has instead a small dickie seat at the back big enough for 2 children. All the bolts on the car a metric of cause until you get to the body when they are imperial. I suspect my can was imported as a chassis and the body built in Australia. By who I have no idea.

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