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20201107_145207.thumb.jpg.9d6c17f821a02cdb4f6919afa214ce9f.jpgAnyone have photos of clip placement on transmission cooler lines by pass side of engine? No photos found in parts or shop manuals. Hoping someone can post some of their car. Thanx 4 help. Added photo of new lines from inline tube in case someone is considering. 70.00 included delivery for regular, not stainless steel.

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13 hours ago, 56 Buick said:

In the photo you can see the 2 lines held by clips with a bar attached to block.  Hmmm dirty done there.


Looks like they used the timing cover bolt to steady the clip. Good idea! Thanx for the help.

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5 hours ago, Bimus said:

these where on a 56 Special hanging of the transmission tube in that area 



Ill hafta scrounge some up hopefully. It snowed all over us 2day, so distracted with snow removal temporarily. Thanx for posting!

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