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Wanted: Piston Ring Set, 3 ⅜" bore standard size for Canadian Mopar Engine. 218 or 228 CI.

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Hi, the vintage Mopar Canadian built 218 and 228 engines have a 3 ⅜" bore. I am trying to track down a set of standard size piston rings. 4 ring set per piston. If you have any, please contact me via email at kbarron2679@gmail.com



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Hastings mfg. at (269) 945-2491. They might be able to fix you up.

Paul Weavers Garage used to be able to supply any ring set. Someone bought him out....but I don't know who.

Or if you have the MoPar # for the set you need search ebay.

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Thanks for the suggestions so far. I have an original parts manual. I have been seeking out original part numbers on Ebay. No luck. I set up saved searches there for instant notification if some turn up. I have contacted both Egge and Hastings. So far no luck.

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P M'd you... Passing through here... Looking in on it.... Will get back to you...


Thanks for the shout out, Gary F....   Gary F. Bought a set of eight (8) pistons from me for far under the going rate !!!!! And I gave him a

$ 125.00 set of matching piston rings for FREE !!!!


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   They show two different sets of rings.....

One that has the top two rings --- 1/8" and bottom two --- 5/32".... &

One that has the top two rings --- 3/32" and bottom two --- 5/32"


Which do you have ???


So we don't waste time, always best to simply call me ---

Craig --- 516 - 485 - 1935..... New York.....

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