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WTB - Window cranks and/or guts behind it


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  • Taylors changed the title to WTB - Window cranks and/or guts behind it

Do you have any of the remains of the window regulator that goes with it? I looks like a similar set I have for a 1924 Ford window regulator that has a long 'cork screw' type shaft that operates the window. That pot metal gear box has two right angle gears connected to the shaft. I can post a photo if you like. I have the remains of three of these. Some have just the gears, some have the gears and shaft. ....



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I think yours are just about the same as mine. There are 4 photos below, first one is the one I rebuilt using new gear boxes that were available from Don Lang (Lang's Model T Parts). I don't remember if he told me that I bought the last ones he had, or if he has more. You might try him. Either way, I think I bought the last of the original regulators from him. They are like hen's teeth. The remaining photos are the remains of the ones I have left. Two have complete gear boxes with gears and shaft, the third is just the plate and window riser shaft. The main problem with these is the pot metal gear box, although these don't look too bad...


I'll send you a pm....







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