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Tape Deck

Vincent Vega

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I finally got around to replacing the belts on the tape deck. (1988) Not too difficult, just tedious. I got it back together and it has three issues.

1)The door does not open all the way. There was some broken plastic in the door assembly. I think it may be missing a spring that holds the door open. Anyone know if there is a spring there?

2) It runs slow. I think the motor is shot.

3) Light does not light. I bought a new bulb. Any thoughts?

Does anyone have a box of tape deck parts they want to root through? Thanks! S2261@charter.net

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i have had the same problem only my cassette door would not

stay closed i finally took it apart again and thats where it sits

i did purchase another unit and called a mobile repair person and he is

looking at the 2nd unit for me. i will have something working by spring


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