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1990 Reatta Driver's Side Transmission Output Seal

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I pulled the CV Joint on the driver's side... there is a spline shaft protruding out through the seal. Has anyone changed this seal? Looks like (if I'm reading the manual correctly) the shaft doesn't come out without opening up the case.


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I looked at the service manual and think it can be replaced without disassembly.    It would be unusual and stupid for them to design a case seal

that required disassembly to replace.    I have never done this seal on a Reatta transmission but you would need to be careful not to damage the output shaft

when removing the seal.     One helpful idea.......buy a new seal and that will give you an idea of the size and where you can pry. 

You may have enough room to punch a hole in the metal ring of the seal.... install a sheet metal screw and that gives you something to pry on. 

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I have a repair work order from the previous owner of my 1988 Reatta. They replaced the drive shafts and seals and there was no indication on the work order/invoice of removing the transmission.

 I did a transmission swap on a Reatta a few years back and we replaced the seals while the transmission was out. 

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