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Brad in Wisconsin

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I had a 1947 Brill (bus) that had something like this on one of the front wheels.

There was also a gear that followed it that had a place to hook up a cable, I had a cable made and actually got the speedometer working.

That was a long  time ago, Thanks for the memory jog.

The old bus had been converted into a motorhome and was lots of fun. The old flat mid engine had been replaced with a 500 cid Cadillac V8 which ended up under a kitchen cabinet. Actually quite handy.

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22 hours ago, 1912Staver said:

I am amazed a vehicle as new as 1947 would use this style of speedo drive.  Was there no speedo provision on the transmission ?

I have never seen one of these on anything newer than the early 1920's.




It would have been about a 25 ft cable. (or possibly longer)

This was a full sized over the road passenger bus when it was new. Probably 40 ft. or so.

The engine was under the floor about half way back. It was a flat engine as far as I could figure out. (probably diesel)

I never saw it in its original configuration. And this was WAY before digital photos. I think I still see some pics of it when I look thru old photos.

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