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1991 Chrysler TC Maserati Heater Core Replacement

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Ok, you are close, but your picture is more oriented to the evaporator coil for the AC, by the passenger side,  not the heater coil.

see my picture , is the open box from the top. On the left (driver side) you can see the heater core, on the right the evaporator coil.

On my I take the complete "BOX" out, and yes is a pain.


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2 hours ago, TooMuchMario said:

Ah I see, so it is on the other side of what I assumed. I'm currently having trouble actually getting the "Box" out. Are there mounting screws keeping it attached to the firewall?

Yes indeed and you need to discharge the A/C and remove lines from 'H' valve as well.  There is a "B" word that describes the operation better.

Also, don't forget the vacuum lines in between the 2 heater hoses that need to be disconnected.

I have had people at A/C repair shops REFUSE to do this operation due to the degree of difficulty.

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See the red spots that indicate the 4 nuts that you must release from the firewall-motor side.

As  Hemi indicates, takes a lot of care on the black and white vacuum hoses, one if for that AC, the other for the heater.

I will like to suggest to replace the vacuum actuators, is easy now, do not rush, go easy, take your time, is a "B".FireWallSide1screw.jpg.a2f2ed9f6e97589e5fd1b58d7304fbbf.jpg

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Well, after some time I was finally able to get the core replaced and placed back in. While doing so, I came across a cable that I noticed had been disconnected already. Today, as I'm working on putting the dash back in I find another cable with corresponding colors and the same amount of female prong connectors that match with the aforementioned disconnected cable. Do these cables connect to each other? (Red outlined cable is the disconnected one that leads into the A/C Unit Housing, Blue outlined cable is the one I found in the dash and seems to have a cable plugged in to complete the circuit.)


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