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working on my Model A: I have a '31 SW Standard Sedan (Murray 160A) and I'm trying to find someone who has a proper restoration who might share some pictures of the paint job (I want to do Chicle & Copra) but how about the top molding & how do you do the hood & stripe, and particularly the interior. My references assure me that the interior window molding is maroon (what maroon?), and I find conflicts in how the dash is done (some say wood-grain upper, others say maroon), what the window moldings are supposed to be (mine are plain, not fancy like Mac's ad), etc, etc. 

Thanks in advance   ttallaniii@gmail.com      

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I think you can find a paint guide for the model A from some of the suppliers that go into some of the details. If maroon it would be era Ford maroon. If you are going for points or just really want to know what is correct, it would be to your benefit to get a copy of the judging standards also.

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9 hours ago, oldford said:

Here is my roadster done in Chicle and Copra. I don't know if it follows the 'correct' guidelines, but I like it...

Very nice looking car and the color goes great with the house. 

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