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Found a 1928 Chandler Royal 8

29 Chandler

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So we are getting ready to tour Ventura County just north of Los Angeles this weekend with the Horseless Carriage Club of SoCal when a couple of guys walk up to see the cars lined up in from of the hotel. They stopped at our Chandler and remarked that a friend of theirs is restoring a Chandler. I gave them my contact information to pass onto their friend. About 30 minutes go by and we are about to leave on a 70 mile tour when we are approached by their friend with the Chandler car. Since we were about to leave we promissed to stop by his hanger at the local airport and see him and the car.


After the tour we found our way to the airport and found some friendly folks in an open hanger that knew our new friend and offered to take us across the airport to his hanger. What we found was a 1928 Royal 8 Sedan that was a total barn find. The body is in the process of a complete restoration as its new owner is a master woodworker. Normally he is working on wooden airplane parts, but this Chandler presented a new challenge for him. 


This is the only Chandler he has seen so it was so nice to share some information about the cars with hime and give him a ride in ours. We are looking forward to helping him bring another Chandler back to life. What a treat it was to find another hidden Chandler!





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