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Looking for pictures of a 1990 TC hard top rear seal.

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Can someone send me pictures of the 1990 rear hard top rubber seal.  I think it is one piece about 8 feet, 8 inches long.  It has 2 functions, a 7/8" round piece (major seal) and another rubber part that goes up on the rear hard top edge that seals and you can see when looking at the rear of the hard top and actually sits against the car when the hard top is on.

I use to think there is one small rubber?plastic? piece, u shaped or L shaped i don't know, that just went up on the outer edge of the bottom of the rear of the hard top.

Pictures off the car would be best.

Thanks TC world.


Wild Bill



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I think you are describing the 89 hardtop seal, like in this photo. I think the 90 and 91 have the separate body color trim that can be seen going around the outside lower rear edge of the hardtop.  The 89 has the black trim that is attached to the seal itself, the two dangling pieces in photo.e69b.jpg

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Its actually for a 1990.  Did not know those were 2 pieces, a single piece for the outside edge.  I could see on my 89 it was combined.

Does anyone have the single black piece that goes on the outside edge laying around, or the part number or a similar replacement idea?

I wish this info was readily available somewhere.


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