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Hartz top and other parts 4 sale

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This 89 sohc just came in the Norfolk-Vabeach pick n pull today.  Basically a complete car, 38 on the clock, believeable due to the condition of the seats ( very good) and other appoiintments.  Most body panels are straight, interior is sun bleached but intact. Teves removed and replaced W/ Hemi conversion. 


The most remarkabel part is the top-it looks almost like brand new, no rips  or  tears.  Hate to see it go to the  crusher. PNP cost is $165.  If someone needs one, PM me and I will work out something with you. 


Or, if you need a particular part, let me know. Car was intact at the time I posted this, but will be parted out today.




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Top is GONE! 24 hrs after I left an almost complete car it now looks like something you see sitting on the side of the freeway! 

All of the  "good" parts are gone, but the seats, doors and glass, and hood, trunk, and rear bumper cover are still there and usable, as is the engine. Also has a good lookiing radio, as well as the panels.


And this is just day 3 of being parted out!

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WOW!!!  We will soon see who got the parts when they start showing up on eBay. 

Reminds me of the story Buddy Hackett told on the Johnny Carson show where he was golfing and drove the ball into the woods.  He striped down and came running out of the woods yelling, LOCUST, LOCUST LOCUST.

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On 11/9/2020 at 8:17 AM, Matthew Cody said:

Grab that soft top, they're getting hard to find in good shape. I just pulled one from a 90 that showed up at a yard here, its in decent shape, was going to use it on my 91. 3 bolts on each side and it comes out, helps to have two people. 

Yes, but you can still buy them new if you have the $$$.

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