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Stuck Parking Brake - 82 Riviera

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When I press on the parking brake it does not move "at all". I went underneath the car, pulled on the cables and sprayed PB Blaster. Today, I removed the lower dash cover (black plastic, not the one that is the same color as the dashboard) and tried to gain access to the parking brake assembly without much luck.


If I was under 50, I would pull the drum, shoes etc. to see if I could free it up. Any ideas would be appreciated. I would think if I removed the lower dash I would have better access to the assembly, but would like to hear from somebody who had to deal with this issue before I take the painful next steps. 





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When I bought my 65 Riviera, all the emergency brake cables were completely frozen and would not move, because the

guy who owned the car for 45 years never used the emergency brake. I tried using penetrating lubricant on the cables, but

I wound up having to replace all three of them. It's not that horrible of a job if you have a lift, but  a real pain if you do not.

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Don't drive yourself crazy as the cables have a plastic sleeve around the inner & outer cables & through non use get rust on the inner & outer cables which seizes the plastic sleeve solid. NO amount of PBlaster OR whatever will free them up that I've found.  I've even removd them & covered them in penetrating oil/fluid to no avail.  

Just get new cables. 


Tom T.

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