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1934 Plymouth convertible parts

Bob Farmer

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The 34 Plymouth convt. is a very good and desirable car. I believe the body was the same for 33 and 34 and was also the same for the Dodge and Chrysler 6 cyl cars. The front seat and rumble seat should be the same as well. Tail lites and buckets would be the same as the sedan. 

I have a 34 Dodge convt but don't have any extra of the parts you need. I've found that 34 parts are difficult to find but your car is certainly worth the effort.

Good luck


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Hi, Great to know there are others with the same problems. I need a source for the hood hinge brackets ( the chrome brackets that the hood hinge fits in). I also need  the door garnishes that fit over the top of the door. I thought that if I couldn't find them that maybe I could take a coupe or sedan complete surround and cut it down to fit the convertible. Does anyone have a good source for a front dip style bumper? I also need the bumper bolts. I need some windshield wiper motors. I have a few now but I don't know the exact length of the shaft and what they look like. I am thinking of being able to take the shaft from one and putting it in a good body.  Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help.

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