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V-12 identification help please

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Ok thanks for that link.  
so do you think this is marked 58H

or 56H   ?   It sure looks like 58H but your link says there is no such thing . 


it’s supposed to be out of a 46 Lincoln 


the heads are clearly marked 26H 6050.  And 26H 6049


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Unfortunately I cannot verify the casting information as having any significance. Maybe someone who has had several of these engines apart may have better information. Most of the casting numbers were put on by the foundry to help with tracking production problems and their significance was not published to my knowledge.

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Some engine cracks between the valves can be repaired by stitching(drilling and plugging a series of holes along the crack). The V-12 blocks are becoming rare, so it is a good idea to try to save some of the ones with repairable damage.




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