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Can Someone Look At A Car For Me? Osakis, Minnesota


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Hi one and all. Is there anyone in the Osakis, Minnesota area or nearby cities of Alexandria or St Cloud that can look over a car I'm considering buying in Osakis? It's a 1,100 mile one way drive for me and I'm not able to make the trip at this time. Osakis is about 56 miles northwest of St Cloud and roughly 90 miles northwest of Minneapolis. If you know of anyone in that area, please let me know and I'll get in touch with them ASAP. The weather up there is perfect right now in the 60's so it wouldn't involve uncomfortable temps.


Thanks in advance for your help, referrals and/or suggestions.

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  • Peter Gariepy changed the title to Can Someone Look At A Car For Me? Osakis, Minnesota

You might tell the specific car, or the era of 

the car, to get a more helpful response.  For example,

if you're looking at a Buick, a Buick fan will be most

knowledgeable.  If you're looking at a 1909 Oakland,

for instance, the best observer would be different

from someone looking at a 1969 Mustang.


All the best to you in your search for the right car!

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Good morning and thank you for the responses, especially to you, Michael. I sent you a PM, Michael. Please respond at your earliest convenience.


John ........... I didn't mention the make or model because the two things I'm concerned about are the quality of the paint and the way it runs, both of which should be readily apparent to anyone who is a car guy. Other than those two things, I have enough info to make an informed decision. The car was repainted. While it looks O.K. in the pics, it doesn't have the high gloss luster of a quality paint job. Also, when I blow up the pics, it appears there may be some issues with the paint, although the pics get grainier the more they're enlarged, so I can't be sure. The car also has 160,000 miles and I'd like to know how well it runs and what the undercarriage looks like, since it's purportedly a AZ car living in Mn for 12 years. Those things aren't vehicle specific and anyone in the old car hobby should be able to ascertain paint quality and how a car runs, but I understand why you suggested that and I appreciate and thank you for your constructive input.


People on this site have always been very friendly and helpful throughout the years and I'm always grateful for that help. Thank you all very much!

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