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  Likely a early 20's sedan that was modified for farm use. No real value as a collector car but don't toss it! Put on some tires and get it running. I have a Model A "Doodle Bug" that is very similar. That thing is more fun than a person should be allowed to have.

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Oh please don't toss it! It may not have much value dollar-wise, but would be a great piece to show the ingenuity of American farmers during one of the most devastating financial eras in a hundred years. Many people would like to see that 'truck' restored to its former glory as a truck. And I do not think you should have any troubles finding a caretaker willing to pay a few dollars for it, and then cherish it for the role it played in history!

Some fixing up would be in order. The missing fenders can be had, mid'20s Dodge parts are generally available, Running boards not much of a problem. Some body fixing, tires, doors and windshield replaced would make a great piece and a fun truck to use and show "as they were". 

Where is it located?

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