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1928 Chrysler Model 72 Roadster Correct Front Seat Orientation???


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I've looked at photos of restored Chrysler's of this type and come to the conclusion that not many owners know what their front seats are supposed to look like.  I've seen cars where both the drivers and passengers seat were the same width and size, then others where either the drivers seat or the passengers seat were a different width in size.  Does anyone know what is correct and what the seat sizes should be?

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These pictures (courtesy of the internet) are of 2 different 1927 Chrysler finer 70's, I would think your model 72 would be very similar. 938107131_1927-chrysler(1).thumb.jpg.9849bcd1863798a2bb293ebdd0270fb8.jpg








The 2 pictures below also from the nett are supposed to be a series 72 roadster.








Hope these may help


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6 hours ago, leomara said:

The mystery continues as you can see because in some of these photos the drivers seat is larger than the passengers seat and in others vise versa.......

Not really possible to tell because of the angle of the camera. In each photo the seat closest to the camera will always appear larger.


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